Class 1: The Basics

The following are the links to working versions of each of the data visualizations and notes about each visualization.

To get access to the code behind the examples, you'll need to download it from A Taste of D3's GitHub site.

A) Introduction

1) What is D3, why is it so powerful, and why is getting started so tricky?

2) Our strategy for learning D3: Adventurous Beginners (Motto: "Don't Sweat It")

3) Using the Atom editor and Firefox

B) Quick and Dirty: HTML, CSS, SVG

1) Creating a rectangle and a circle

C) Very Simple D3

1) Turn Simple Data into Circles

2) Turn Data into Circles Three Ways

3) Debugging: The Basics, Tiny Little Baby Steps

D) Simple Real-World Example: What D3 Can Do That Excel Can't

1) Creating an Abstract Map: Team Room Scores

E) Extra Credit

1) How to Make a Simple Bar Chart: Clothing Sales

2) Reading Data from a File: SIG Status
NOTE: because this D3 script reads a file, for security reasons it must be run on a server.
In the coaching sessions I'll show you how to do that on your desktop.
But for the purpose of this class, we are linking to a file on the class GitHub site.